Johannes Bubeck



Room:L7, 3-5, 204
Phone:0621 181 1887
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Short CV

Johannes Bubeck was born in Ulm (Germany) in 1989. After graduating from high school in 2008 he spent his civilian service working for a food bank in Argentina. During his undergraduate studies at the University of Mannheim and Università Bocconi (Italy) he worked as a teaching assistant for “Financial Mathematics/Quantitative Methods” and “Statistics I” and held various student positions at a large enterprise software company. In 2012 he received a B. Sc. in Economics with a Minor in Philosophy from the University of Mannheim. He completed his bachelor thesis on "Networks in the Interbank Market" under the supervision of Prof. Grüner.

He is currently enrolled in the PhD-Track in Economics at the Graduate School of Economic and Social Scieneces of the University of Mannheim, which he entered through the Master of Economic Research. Since fall 2012 he works as a research assistant at the Chair of Economic Policy.